New VISION range
New VISION range
New VISION range
New features of the Vision range
Innovations which are both aesthetic and technological: the perfect combination for the ideal AM-license car.
New: Better sound-proofing
SILENT DRIVING On the Vision range, Aixam has developed high-performance engine sound-proofing. With quieter trips, a muted atmosphere in the drivin...

Aixam is the market leading European vehicle manufacturer of quadricycles for the last 30years. Aixam Mega Ltd is a subsidiary company which has been trading
in the UK since 1999. Manufacturing a range of commercial and passenger vehicles, Aixam's primary European market is lightweight moped AM category L6e vehicles.

From 19th January 2013 the UK will adopt the European AM (Moped) License allowing 16year olds to drive our range of light weight (L6e) vehicles on UK roads.
This offers a common licence throughout Europe and a graduated entry into driving both 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles.

Aixam is revolutionising the way we drive in the UK.